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Cleachtadh 16: an abairt fhada

Cuir Gaeilge ar gach abairt díobh seo a leanas. Déan iarracht an t-eolas ar fad sna habairtí Béarla a chur ar fáil in abairt amháin Ghaeilge, díreach mar chleachtadh ar abaití casta, ilchlásal a scríobh. Tá aistriúcháin shamplacha agus nótaí ar na dúshláin chomhréire in Nótaí ar Chleachtadh 16.

(a) The coalition Government elected in the General Election of 2011, shortly after the previous Government resigned office, began work immediately.

(b) At least half of the statements made by the young defendant were false.

(c) She then joined the short-lived Progressive Democrats, which was briefly the best-supported party in the state, according to opinion polls.

(d) It was impossible to convince her that the spending cuts in the cultural sector were necessary or equitable.

(e) The right to work of older people is an integral part of wider economic policy.

(f) Every booking is made in the name of one person who will be deemed to be responsible for and answerable to us regarding any problems or dispute that may arise.

(g) Few are enthused about such missions when as many as twelve astronauts have landed on the lunar surface previously. 

(h) Mr Ó Drisceoil said that he was not going to pay the fine, urging others to do likewise.

(i) With or without an appointment, patients can often wait for long times before receiving medical treatment.

(j) The grant is a timely and well-deserved morale boost for all lovers of Gaelic games in the Greater Belfast Area.