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Cleachtadh 10

Téacs liteartha (ó Bhéarla go Gaeilge)

Ag seo thíos sliocht as an úrscéal Béarla, The Right of Way le Gilbert Parker (1901), atá suite i measc phobal Frainciseoirí Québec. Chuir Séamus Ó Grianna (‘Máire’) leagan Gaeilge de ar fáil sa bhliain 1937 faoin teideal An Bealach Achtuigthe. Cuir Gaeilge ar an sliocht thíos agus cuir d’iarracht i gcomparáid leis an aistriúchán a rinne Máire, atá le fáil ar Nótaí ar chleachtadh 10.

A hot day a month later Charley Steele sat in his office staring before him into space, and negligently smoking a cigarette. Outside there was a slow clacking of wheels, and a newsboy was crying "La Patrie! La Patrie! All about the War in France! All about the massacree!" Bells – wedding-bells – were ringing also, and the jubilant sounds, like the call of the newsboy, were out of accord with the slumberous feeling of the afternoon. Charley Steele turned his head slowly towards the window. The branches of a maple-tree half crossed it, and the leaves moved softly in the shadow they made. His eye went past the tree and swam into the tremulous white heat of the square, and beyond to where in the church-tower the bells were ringing, to the church doors, from which gaily dressed folk were issuing to the carriages, or thronged the pavement, waiting for the bride and groom to come forth into a new-created world – for them.

Charley looked through his monocle at the crowd reflectively, his head held a little to one side in a questioning sort of way, on his lips the ghost of a smile – not a reassuring smile.